Humanistic Communications

Humanistic Communications, Inc. is female, minority owned and operated right here in Roxbury, MA. Since our company opened in 1997, we’ve treated our community like the family we are. 


The ongoing mission of Humanistic Communications, Inc. is to publish Humanistic Guide, a news publication that disseminates the art and culture of communities of color in Boston and surrounding areas. Our Mission is to tell the stories of our visual and written artists in our communities. Along with Humanistic Guide, we have also created Artists of Color, our television show that gives voice to the artistic expressions of Boston's inner-city community members, and Voices of Sisterhood, a women and girls program giving access to  creative writing and visual art creations to empower and give voice to these sisters.





Humanistic Communications, Inc.

P.O. Box 190004

Roxbury, MA 02119
Tel: 857 492-2150
Fax:617 445-2821




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