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We Move In Color: An Immersion of Art

Having had the privilege of experiencing We Move In Color twice, I am thrilled to share my impressions with you. We Move In Color is the brainchild of Director/Story Designer Wyatt Jackson and Executive Producer/Writer Robbie Thomas.

This immersive production delves into the harrowing journey of our African ancestors to America, a narrative brought to life through the amalgamation of music, poetry, art, and dance. The stage transforms into a vivid canvas reminiscent of Paul Goodnight's color-rich artwork, seemingly breathing life into the backdrop of the theater. Lou Jones' poignant photography captures authentic images of Africa, while Grammy Award winner Gen Rubin's music, paired with the beautiful voice of Anita Faye, fills The Strand theater with resonant melodies.

All these elements coalesce to set the stage for an awe-inspiring display by some of the most powerful and expressive dancers I have witnessed in a long time. Their performances evoked a spectrum of emotions, from the resounding power of their feet pounding on the stage to the graceful motions of their bodies, moving me to tears. It is evident that this troupe's artistry will be warmly received at the Kennedy Center in DC, their next destination.

We Move In Color is a captivating production that beckons for repeated viewing.

by Moinca Renee Landrun


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