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Jazz Life in Roxbury

The “Roxbury Jazzy Way of Life” was an immersion event held at Northeastern Crossing, with the goal of talking about jazz in Roxbury from earlier decades. Historian Stacy Sutherland (pictured above) was the keynote speaker, piquing the interests of those who were new to the Roxbury jazz scene from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, as well as jogging the memories of those such as myself who remember the 50’s to the present.

I remember hearing about local jazz musicians such as Roy Haynes and Sabby Lewis, pianist and band leader in Boston during the 1940s, performing at Roxbury jazz venues like the Savoy Café. At the event, Fulani Haynes’ collection of old jazz selections reminded those who grew up during those times of the music and the jazz greats who called Roxbury jazz clubs home. Nina LaNegra, journalist and music historian, put our memory to the test, asking,

“For those of us that were born and raised in Roxbury during that time, what do you remember about the jazz scene?”

The event was quite informative, and the history and music made for a spectacular evening.


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