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Makanda Jazz Concerts

Before the city and states recognition of Roxbury as a cultural district Napoleon Jones Henderson believes art should be in everything on sidewalks, buildings and banners. Not there yet but working toward it. So on October 26th, 2017 Art in Dudley Square was the theme celebrated, “21 Years and Rising’.

Before Roxbury received it designation as a Cultural District art was always part of the soul of Roxbury. Designation from the city and state, “Mass Cultural Council” had parameters for the district within these parameters will be our identity. Our understanding of our cultural district is all of Roxbury which included Dorchester and Mattapan. Our recognition is only a formality because we’ve always know it. We are our own cultural district, past present and future history. Our culture doesn’t sit in one location because every one of us is the district.

At an art gallery in Roxbury, an artist had on exhibition a series on Black Men in a positive light. She feels that our Black men are not seen that way very often and she has two boys of her own and wants to give them a positive image.

As Joyce Stanley Exec. Dir. of our Dudley Square Main Streets said the businesses who want to come to the community, must have that vision of being part of the community. Economic growth and development in the Roxbury community is a continuing process and conversation.

Then came the amazing voice of Athene Wilson accompanied by Rhythm Nation which brought the house down, and I do mean down.


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