Voices of Sisterhood is a program for women of color; adult and youth to connect with each other with the use of Visual Art and Creative Writing.

The Program will provide a series of weeklyVisual Art and Creative Writing Workshops,

each series lasting from 2 – 12 weeks.  The length will depend upon the site and the focus.  

IE:  “My Word, MySong” is a 5 week workshop putting the participants words to music and dance with the last week being a performance for Family & Friends .Using writing prompts and visual art activities

Participants will be guided by the workshop leaders as they cover issues of community, love, self /goals, love, family, negative messages from community, media and the opposite – the needed positive messages, etc. In the give and take of the resulting conversations the participants will learn from each other as well as disagree, encourage and

become a supportive springboard for activities they may only have imagined; finding their voice within the success they have within the group.

Depending upon the interests of each group, consultants from community, educational and employment entities will be invited to special sessions of the group.

A participant is not limited to one series, but will be able to attend subsequent groups as they desire.

Approximately 24 - 2 – 3 GROUPS.) the age range is from 13 years of age and up living in the Roxbury and Dorchester Communities. Some groups will be intergenerational and others will be formed around age peer groupings.


The workshops will have 10 to 12 participants along with a creative writing and visual arts instructor, and a music or dance consultant as needed. The size of the groups is kept small so that each participant is able to be involved at her best level.


       Participants attending the program and being engaged in the activities.

The Program does not try to make writers and artists of the participants although it might open the door for some to work toward that goal.

       There will be an increased knowledge shown by the participants of their own worth and ability to articulate their concerns; openness to new ideas

       Goal setting by participants

       Referrals from participants, especially of family members and friends

       New participants   

Community involvement.

       Participants will use these tools while in the program and at the end of each series bring family members to end of series programs that will involve all attending in positive activities as a larger familial group.

       Intergenerational groups will begin to understand the struggles, strengths, sacrifices and value of the varying age groups young and old.

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